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Healing Power of Dogs: How Canine Companions Benefit Humans


In a world where mental health issues and stress are increasingly prevalent, dogs have emerged as more than just pets; they are companions, therapists, and life-changers. This 500-word article explores the various ways in which dogs can significantly enhance human lives, providing emotional support, physical health benefits, and fostering social connections. BOOK A CLEANING TODAY! […]

Is It Cruel To Crate Your Dog

Is it cruel to crate your dog and how long should you do it? Now that you’ve adopted a dog into your family, you’ll want to make them feel right at home. In addition to buying all of the essentials — food, toys, and grooming supplies — you may also want to consider buying a […]

How To Train Your Dog Not To Eat Your Tree!

The Target and Distract Method  6. Start commanding your dog “away” when he approaches the tree and just giving verbal praise with no treat. 1. TARGET AWAY FROM TREE – Watch your dog carefully. When he approaches the tree, say “away” and toss a treat on the floor away from the tree. 2. DISTRACT – […]

The Inspiration Behind Ewoks

A little research reveals that the Brussels Griffon has many talents. Among them is a notoriety for “talking” to their owners. They’re also skilled climbers who have been discovered by their owners in some unusual places. Perhaps they’re especially noted (and beloved) for their expressive faces (who could forget “Verdell” opposite Jack Nicholson in the film, “As Good As It […]