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Dog Farts While Sleeping But The Cat’s Comeback Has Audiences Going Wild

A pet owner is innocently recording his pets. His dog is fast asleep on the bed and beside him, his cat lounges about. All seems fine, until… the unexpected happens. video sourceSome things just can’t be helped. And some of those things can be a tad, um, unpleasant. Passing gas is a bodily function that […]

Mountain lion snatches dog from Colorado driveway

This incident serves as an important reminder to keep pets close in Colorado’s many wild areas. Predators tend to follow prey, meaning that if big game, like deer, are present, there’s a chance for mountain lions and bears to be lurking, too. When it comes to protecting pets in areas where wildlife is present, here […]

The Inspiration Behind Ewoks

A little research reveals that the Brussels Griffon has many talents. Among them is a notoriety for “talking” to their owners. They’re also skilled climbers who have been discovered by their owners in some unusual places. Perhaps they’re especially noted (and beloved) for their expressive faces (who could forget “Verdell” opposite Jack Nicholson in the film, “As Good As It […]

New Giant Mattress Is 12 Feet Across, Perfect for All the Pets

 Images via The Ace Collection/ Facebook WATCH NOW: 12-Foot Bed Can Fit All the Pets oembed rumble video here I sleep with my pets. Let’s just get that clear right off the bat, since I know some pet owners are really against sleeping with their animals. Many think it’s unsanitary and often don’t get a rested […]

Neighbor Looks out Window to See Dogs Face to Face with Huge Coyotes

 Dustin Ecker/Facebook Coyotes in Indianapolis got brave with some family dogs. Dustin Ecker has two dogs and a big backyard with a pond. The dogs love going in the yard that borders the woods, and it’s easy to let the dogs out for the day where they can run and play. But when Ecker’s neighbor […]

Pets Becoming Fake Service Dogs Is Starting to Be an Issue


Service dogs can help humans in countless ways, but fake service dogs are becoming a very serious problem.  Generally you can identify service dogs by the fact that they wear a service dog vest, and sometimes an ID tag. But thanks to a rising trend that has begun online, it’s possible that you may see […]