Dog Poop Clean Up – Don’t Wait Until Spring!

11 Jan, 2021

Dog Poop Clean Up – Don’t Wait Until Spring!

Let's face it, nobody enjoys cleaning up dog poop. So when your wife, husband, parents, ask you about the dog poop clean up, be relaxed and give us a call to do the dirty work for you. I know that's really straight forward but seriously, this is the number one procrastinated chore ever! We all know why. It's gross, it piles up fast and it smells. Plus, chances are 90% you are going to step in dog poop. 

Don't Wait Until Spring To Start Your Dog Poop Clean Up

If you are in the Denver area, this is pretty common.  So many of us are on top of cleaning up after our dogs. But then we get that streak of cold weather and snow. Well, your dogs still go out and poop no matter how much snow or how cold it is outside. Problem is, you hate the cold and you hate picking up dog poop. So what happens next? It snows again just after the snow melts. Covering up those few weeks of dog crap and now you are off the hook again. Well you can't see the poop so you can't clean it....yet.. 

You see, this is an on going cycle here in Colorado. This is why come March, all of us Pooper Scooper Service businesses get slammed with one time clean ups. It's now almost spring, the days are getting longer, the snow is melting faster and snowing less. You are now aware of the complete disaster in your backyard. You take a look and you see dog poop in places you thought we're off limits. That very moment you look out the sliding glass door into your backyard, you see all the dog poop and say..... AWWWWWWCRAPPPPP! Why do you think we named our business AwwCrap!? The point is, if you wait until Spring to start your dog poop clean up chore, you are going to have a huge and expensive mess on your hands. 

What Does It Cost To Have My Dog Poop Cleaned Up?

When hiring a pooper scooper service the most expensive part is the one time clean option or the initial cleaning. 

One Time Clean. This is a service for those who really don't need a weekly or bi-weekly service for dog poop cleaning. In the warmer months you stay up on your cleaning and don't mind it at all. You just fell into the cold winter months snow trap and need someone to take care of what's piled up over the last 3 to 6 months. You know, a jump start for you. This service is more expensive because it's been since Moby Dick was a minnow since you cleaned and it's a lot of crap. 

The Initial Clean. This is similar to a one time clean except for you decided to have us clean your yard on a regular basis. This is the same type of cleaning as a one time clean but since you hired us on going, your cost is less expensive. Very similar to when you buy something one time compared to buying it on autoship. 

Either way you go, we are happy to help you with all your yard needs. We also mow lawns, do aeration, snow removal, yard Sanitizing & Deodorizing.

Our yard Sanitizing & Deodorizing is a must after a one time clean or initial cleaning. Get rid of the bacteria and viruses. Have your yard smelling fresh and clean.

 To schedule a dog poop clean up, click the button below or give us a call at (303) 816-8167

Kody - CEO

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