Lawn Service Near Me – Lawn Mowing

17 May, 2020

Lawn Service Near Me – Lawn Mowing

Week after week it's time to do it again. You miss it one time and you are in for a treat.  Lawn mowing is just as fun as picking up dog poop. You mow once, you have to take a shower, wash your clothes and have a separate pair of shoes set aside just for mowing your lawn.  If you are like me, sometimes you forget to switch shoes until it's too late. Well, another pair of lawn mowing shoes right? 

Lawn care can be a dangerous chore. This is a main reason so many people hire a lawn service to mow for them. Mowing the lawn injures 200,000 people a year with 16,000 of them being children. As simple as mowing your lawn sounds, it's extremely dangerous and you should have a professional do it for you. Now with that being said, most of the guys and gals reading this are thinking that they are professionals and that's totally cool. I'm reaching out to those who are not and simply don't want to do it. 

How much does it cost to hire a lawn service company?

 This is a question so many people ask and to be upfront, it all depends on the size of your yard. Your first time mow also depends on how long it's been since your last mow. If it's June and it's been 4 weeks since you mowed, expect the cost to be double or triple the normal cost. Think about it. The grass is longer and will take longer to cut and trim. The cuttings will take up 4 times as much space so the dump fee will be more. 

On average for small residential it's $25 -$60. Larger yards $50 to $120. For us it all depends on the size of the yard and when you last mowed. All of our pooper scooper clients get a discount since we are already picking up poo so it just makes sense to mow the lawn while at your location. 

When is the best time to water your lawn? 

The best time to water your lawn is early morning. Between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. when evaporation rates are low. When you water your lawn early in the morning it gives the grass plenty of time to dry during the day and helps prevent development of turf diseases. 

Are grass clippings are bad for the lawn?

Think of green grass clippings as free fertilizer. Instead of bagging clippings (which is a lot of work), let your mower do the job of chopping and recycling them directly back into the soil. Grass clippings decompose quickly. They are full of nitrogen, which grass plants need. If you’re mowing your lawn regularly, just keep the mulching attachment on the mower.

Occasionally, you may want to bag grass clippings. In early spring, and as often as you like during the season, grab a couple bags of clippings with the bagging attachment on your mower. Mix them into the autumn leaves in a compost pile. The grass will heat the pile and speed up decomposition. You can also bag grass clippings to use as mulch around tomato plants which help control weeds, limit evaporation of moisture from the soil, and prevent soil-borne diseases from splashing onto tomato plant leaves.

Kody - CEO

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