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Leaf Removal Service – Are You Dreading The Clean Up?

Are you looking for leaf removal service? Does anyone actually love cleaning up leaves? I mean if you have kids, they love to rake them up into a pile and then jump in them. But you as the parent, who normally has to rake them all up and then be the good parent that you are and allow them to jump in them, throw them at each other, roll around in them, which just makes it a lot harder and more work for you.

If you are like most of us, you hate picking up leaves just as bad as picking up dog poop. You might not have a blower which helps but you still need to grab a rake. Getting dirty, the spiders, the snakes, ya not a fun household chore that everyone gets excited about doing.

Why Does A Pooper Scooper Service Offer Leaf Removal?

We created our Leaf Removal Service because cleaning up dog poop was a pain in the butt when people didn’t have the leaves picked up. Then people would call and say they found dog poop in the yard and it looks like we didn’t do our job. The fact is, if dog poop is under the leaves, we can’t see it so we don’t pick it up. Then the wind picks up and blows the leaves around and there you go. Dog poop comes to the surface and you see it. But I also get not having the leaves cleaned up. It sucks to do and it takes a lot of time. Time you don’t have or time you don’t want to use cleaning up leaves.

By AwwCrap Pooper Scooper Service creating the Leaf Removal Service, it has made things a lot more easy for you. We have an affordable leaf removal service that can include getting rid of the dog poop as well. With our leaf removal service we do not haul away the bagged leaves. This is something you will have to dispose of. We will bag them all up and place them wherever you like. Most local trash companies will allow three large black bags outside of your dumpster. Anything more than that you will be charged a fee.

How To Schedule Leaf Removal Service

We try to make scheduling services as easy as possible. If you are a current customer, it’s really easy. you can log into your account and add services. If you are a new customer, you can visit our website, click on schedule a cleanup.  If you don’t have a dog and not looking for dog poop cleaning services then just select one dog, one week and one time service. Then on add on services choose Leaf removal. We don’t charge you until the job is done and even though it said you enrolled in a one time dog poop cleaning, your invoice will not show dog poop but the leaf removal service.

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