FREE Toys & Treats! WHAT?

Loyalty programs are just about everywhere. It's a great way to get customers to be repeat customers. But when we spoke with a few other dog poop removal companies in another area they really didn't have much in place but a discount or the basic referral program. We knew right away our vision with AwwCrap! would stand out and catch on. 

What is PAWpoints? PAWpoints is our loyalty reward program. For every dollar you spend with AwwCrap! you have points that accrue. You can then decide to use those points for dog treats, dog toys or other services we offer. If you are on a weekly service with one dog, your dog would basically get one new toy or treat once a month. 

Every month we change what kind of toys and types of treats. You can see what options you have by clicking here

**If you are on a service plan that is discounted in any way you are not eligible for PAWpoints!  

Everyone loves something FREE. But dogs, they love toys and treats! Many more companies are implementing rewards or loyalty programs for repeat customers. With my marketing background it only makes sense. You want to make your current customers happy and something to help bring in new customers.  Having a dog poop removal service company is a lot different than say a coffee shop. Coffee shops have those little cards that say your 6th cup of coffee is on us! It's a bit different with picking up dog poop. 

When we put together our referral program I wanted to figure out a loyalty system that kept our customers and dogs happy. A few things that really make dogs happy. 

  1. Mom and Dad
  2. Food
  3. Toys
  4. Treats
  5. play time

I'm sure were missing a few but these are the top of the list. We decided to offer new toys and treats as a loyalty reward. We have a complete video and another page that goes over this in detail but I'll highlight a few points. Basically you'll have the option to pick out a new toy and treats every month you have service with us. Now we do have some fine print. You have to be on auto renewal and for you to get a new toy and treats for each dog once a month we would need to be servicing your yard twice a week. If you are on once a week it equals out to be around every 2 months.

You earn points for every service you have us do and points for frequency. As those points accrue, you can go to our shop and pick out what you want us to bring on our next service day. You can even exchange your points to be used for other services we offer.