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Tips for Tackling Pet Waste


No one enjoys dealing with messy and smelly pet waste. However, cleaning after your pet is an essential part of being a responsible and good dog parent. As dog poop consists of harmful microorganisms that can negatively affect the environment and the wildlife, not only is it good manners to pick it up, in most places it is the law.

While scooping dog poop is usually never a fun job, there are some tips and tricks that can make the process a tad bit easier. Use our mini-guide to get started:

Watch Your Step

Your number one priority should be keeping the mess completely off your shoes. Failing to do so will not only make it extremely difficult for you to clean your shoes, but will also make scooping the waste into your bag harder. Additionally, avoid wearing shaded glasses while you are on your mission. Oftentimes, tinted lenses tend to make seeing waste lying on the grass more difficult.

Follow a Pick-Up Pattern

Are you all set to embark on your weekly yard cleanup but are unable to find a single pile of poop even though you know that your sweet pet carries out his business at least twice a day? Simply follow a grid pattern by starting in the corner of yard and working methodically across the area. This will help speed up the overall scooping process. Scan the ground bit by bit and keep scooping until you have successfully covered the entire location.

A dog’s brain releases oxytocin – the love hormone – when he interacts with humans and other dogs, just the same as a human brain does when we hug or kiss. They don’t call it puppy love for nothing!

Utilize Tools Suitable for the Job

Cleaning after your pup is an important job, and thus, it necessitates the use of just the right tools. While polythene grocery bags have been used since forever for the purpose, it might be time to ditch this idea. Today, sustainability and environmentally friendly practices are prioritized, and for good reasons. Plastic bags keep your dog waste in landfills for years and years. Therefore, opt for biodegradable bags instead. These are manufactured using recycled materials and are sure to break down eventually.

Some companies even offer flushable poop bags. However, a lot of waste systems are incapable of handling some of the objects found in canine excrement such as hair. Therefore, it is best to study your bathroom setup before you attempt to flush your pup’s deposits. Expert pooper scoopers usually keep three important tools in handy before they set out for the task: a lobby dust pan, biodegradable trash bag, and a rake. Water-proof rubber boots and gloves are optional.

Hire a Commercial Dog Waste Removal Service

Scooping poop is not only time consuming and unpleasant but it also requires a lot of effort. However, pet owners are required to take this responsible action for the betterment of their family, community and the environment. If you can’t spare the time to perform this messy task or simply prefer to hand the job over to someone with greater expertise, consider hiring a commercial dog waste removal service.

A smiling couple holding a young dog, standing at a home entrance decorated with a festive wreath.

Don’t Stop Looking

While a lot of creatures prefer to pile up in the same vicinity, pups tend to put some distance between their deposits. It doesn’t matter where your dog prefers to poop; chances are you might find more in other places. Once you find a single pile, scoop it and then look for more in the surrounding areas.

Use the Right Indoor Cleaning Formulas

Dog poop contains a lot of parasites; therefore, it is essential that any accidental indoor pooping sessions are sanitized properly. Use an odor eliminator to tackle unpleasant smells produced by the pet mess. Additionally, use dog-specific, environmentally friendly, disinfecting cleanser to kill any dangerous parasites on board. Remember, just because it looks clean, it doesn’t mean it is. Always take care of the invisible menaces.

Potty Train Your Dog

Set apart a specific spot for your dog to take care of their business. This will help make scooping a more manageable and convenient chore for you. While some dogs learn and understand the entire process quite quickly, others often struggle with it. However, it is important to show consistency. Being calm and consistent will help your pet understand exactly what you expect from them.

Try to take your dog to the same area over and over to create a strong habit. Until your pet has deposited, do not talk or play with them. Most importantly, while your dog is at it, roam around the area so that they don’t get distracted. This will help establish a regular routine and your pup will form a habit of doing the deed in the same spot, eventually making it easier for you to clean after them.

Scoop More Often

Dog owners should clean pet waste from their lawns and yards at least once or twice a week, depending on the number of dogs they own and the size of their outdoor living area. The longer dog waste remains piled up in your yard, the greater a health risk it becomes.

Bottom Line

While bringing a new pet buddy home is fun and exciting, it comes with a lot of responsibilities and challenges. Tackling with pet waste is one the biggest problems you might face being a pet parent.

Some dogs are trained to do the deed in a specific spot, while others decide to do go about their business on an entirely different side of the field. No matter how your dog goes potty, as a responsible dog parent, you need to locate all the evidences and clean them up.

We hope that with all the aforementioned information and simple tips for tackling pet waste, you found something worth your while. If you are still finding the task too overwhelming, it is always a great idea to hire a professional team to assist you with the process.

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