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Who Doesn't Like FREE?

When it comes to hearing a promo offer saying something is FREE, we all want to know what the catch is right? Our dog poop referral program has no catches but, we do get a lot of calls asking us “what’s the catch?” This program has no catches. We have so restrictions that do apply and I’ll lay those all out here for you in a minute.

The referral program works like this. You refer one customer you get 25% off your service. Refer 2 you get 50% off. Refer 3 you get 75% off. Refer 4 customers and your service is FREE. Most other poop scooper services will give $25 off one time or per referral. We wanted a way to give you your service for free for helping us get the word out and do it in a way that makes sense and worth your while.

So now let’s talk about the “fine print” or those restrictions that apply. When you refer someone it’s based on the type of service both of you have.
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Example 1: Let’s say you have 4 dogs and we come to clean up 2 times a week. You refer someone you has 2 dogs and we service them once a week. This referral would generate you 12.5% off.

Example 2: You have 4 dogs and we clean up your yard once a week. You refer someone with 4 dogs and we service them once a week. This referral would generate you a 25% off discount.

This is where our referral program shocks people. When you refer customers to AwwCrap! Pooper Scooper Service, you continue to get that discount for the life of your account. But if the people you refer drop service your discount drops as well. Example below.

Example 1: Staying with example 2 from above, if your referral dropped service, your next billing would reflect a loss discount of that 25%.

As you refer people we let you know who they are and what type of service the receive. If they drop service we let you know as well. In the video below I go over the referral program in detail. So if you still have questions, watch the video or just give me a call.