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Dog Waste Removal In Parker CO

Hey Parker, Colorado dog lovers! Tired of playing minesweeper in your own backyard? Let’s face it: poo patrol isn’t the highlight of pet ownership. Good news – our team cheerfully braves the backyard ‘landmines’ so you don’t have to. Your shoes (and your pup’s paws) will thank you.

Love your Lawn but Hate the Mess? Look no Further than AwwCrap's Pooper Scooper Service in Parker, Co

Hey, Parker pals! 🐶 Have you ever thought that despite their cuteness, our furry friends have this sneaky habit of leaving ‘landmines’ all over the yard? Well, AwwCrap! Pooper Scooper Service is on a mission to disarm those stinky surprises, and here’s how we keep your lawns smelling like roses (not Rover!).

First off, let’s talk about the poop scoop deets! Our team searches high and low – no turd is safe. We’re basically poop detectives, sniffing out the evidence and disposing of it with flair (and sanitary gloves!). This means you can prance around your yard without fear of an unsavory slip-up.

But wait – there’s more than just the scoop on poop. We believe in a full yard extravaganza! Think seasonal lawn mowing to keep your grass runway-ready, and leaf removal so you can actually see said grass. Come winter, we’ve got snow removal services that’ll make your driveway the envy of the block. And yes, we even haul away that mysterious junk that seems to spawn out of nowhere.

Now for the grand finale – yard sanitizing. It’s like a spa day for your lawn, flushing out all the nasty bacteria so you and your fur babies can roll around worry-free. Yes, we go that extra mile because we ❤️ clean fun.

So, dear neighbors, if you’re craving a poop-free paradise, come join the AwwCrap! family. Trust us, your shoes (and your nose) will thank you. Let’s make every step in your yard a pure delight. Call us, and let’s get those pawsitive vibes flowing!

AwwCrap! Dog Poop Service is now available in the city of Parker. We are excited to be offering all of our services here in Parker and we appreciate all the requests from our followers to open up this area for dog poop clean up service.

If you’re a proud homeowner in Parker, Colorado, chances are you love your lawn. The lush green grass, vibrant flowers, and perfectly trimmed hedges all contribute to the beauty of your outdoor space. But let’s be real, no one loves dealing with pet waste. It’s messy, smelly, and time-consuming. But fear not, because AwwCrap’s pooper scooper service in Parker is here to save the day! Not only do we offer top-notch poop removal services, but we also provide lawn mowing, snow removal, and lawn aeration to keep your yard looking its best. Say goodbye to the mess and hello to a clean and well-maintained lawn with AwwCrap!


A golden retriever dog is lying down in a field free of dog waste

AwwCrap's Exceptional Pooper Scooper Service

Dog ownership is filled with joyous moments and cuddles, but it also comes with less glamorous duties, like dealing with your pet’s waste. AwwCrap is here to lighten your load with our remarkable pooper scooper service. Our team of experts is skilled at ensuring every inch of your lawn is meticulously cleaned, creating a hygienic environment for you and your furry friends to relish. We believe that a clean lawn is a healthy lawn, and we’re dedicated to achieving that for you, without you having to lift a finger. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, our team leaves no stone unturned – or in this case, no pile of pet waste untouched. So, why not let AwwCrap take the ‘dirty work’ out of dog ownership? Enjoy the benefits of a pristine lawn without the unpleasant chore of cleaning up after your pet. Allow us to make your outdoor space a place of relaxation, not stress. Trust us, both you and your four-legged companion will appreciate the difference.

Maintain a Healthy Green Carpet with Our Lawn Mowing Services


A lush, vibrant lawn is more than just a sight to behold; it’s a testament to the overall vitality of your property. This is where AwwCrap’s top-tier lawn mowing services come into play. Our services are not just about trimming your grass to an acceptable height. Instead, we take it several notches higher by treating your lawn like a living organism that needs careful nurturing. From setting the right mowing height to following the appropriate mowing patterns, our experts understand what it takes to foster healthy grass growth. Moreover, we know that every lawn has its unique needs and character, so we customize our services to match the specific requirements of your green spaces. Picture this: a beautiful afternoon spent basking in the glory of your lawn, free from the hustle and bustle of lawn upkeep. Sounds perfect, right? With AwwCrap, this can be your reality. Let us focus on the maintenance so you can focus on the enjoyment. Remember, a healthy lawn is not a coincidence, it’s the result of meticulous care – and that’s exactly what we offer.

Get Ready for Winter with AwwCrap's Snow Removal Service

Winter in Parker, Colorado can be quite a spectacle, with soft snowflakes adorning your property like a postcard picture. But as beautiful as it may be, snow also brings the daunting task of keeping driveways, patios, and walkways clear and safe. Cue AwwCrap’s top-notch snow removal service!

There’s no need to dread the forecast or pull out the shovel – our team is ready to battle the elements for you. Our service is thorough, efficient, and timely, ensuring that snow and ice don’t have a chance to pile up and become hazards. We act promptly to eliminate the risk of slips and falls, which are common during the winter months, and work diligently to prevent any potential damage to your property.

We understand that the snowy season can bring some stress and we’re here to alleviate that. While you stay warm and cozy indoors, our team will be outside, working hard to keep your property accessible and safe. With AwwCrap handling your snow removal, winter no longer has to be a dreaded season. Instead, you can sip your hot cocoa, enjoy the beauty of the season from your window, and leave the heavy lifting to us.

So, why not eliminate the cold, hard work from your winter routine? Let AwwCrap be your first call when the flakes start to fall. Rest assured, with our exceptional snow removal service, we’ll help you stay one step ahead of the Colorado winter.

Improve Your Lawn’s Health with Our Lawn Aeration Services

Breathe some vitality into your outdoor space with AwwCrap’s lawn aeration services. If you’ve noticed that your lawn isn’t as lush and green as it used to be, or water pools on the surface after a downpour, it could be due to soil compaction. Compact soil can choke your lawn, denying it of the essential air, water, and nutrients it needs to thrive.

Our lawn aeration service is a like a much-needed breath of fresh air for your lawn. By creating small holes in the soil, we open up pathways for these critical elements to reach the grass roots. This not only promotes deeper root growth but also leads to a healthier, more vigorous lawn. The result? A revitalized green carpet that’s the envy of the neighborhood!

And it’s not just about appearances either. A well-aerated lawn is more resistant to drought, diseases, and pests. So, this simple procedure can offer an effective solution to several lawn problems, bolstering the overall health and resilience of your turf.

At AwwCrap, we understand that your lawn is more than just a patch of grass; it’s an integral part of your home, your outdoor haven. We treat it with the respect it deserves, utilizing the right tools and techniques to carry out aeration without causing any harm to your precious greens. With our lawn aeration service, we aim to breathe life back into your lawn, one tiny hole at a time. So, don’t let compacted soil suffocate your lawn. Let AwwCrap give it the breath of life it needs to flourish.

aeration service in the denver metro area

Why Choose AwwCrap’s Services

Opting for AwwCrap’s services goes beyond just choosing a company – it’s choosing a lifestyle of convenience and quality. We don’t just offer services, we offer peace of mind. From the moment you place a call to us, to the time our professional team finishes transforming your outdoor spaces into spectacular green vistas, you can count on our unwavering dedication to your satisfaction. Our professionalism is matched only by our attention to the minutest of details, because we understand that it’s these small touches that make all the difference. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we tailor each service to align perfectly with your specific needs, preferences, and budget, creating a bespoke experience that is as unique as you are. We are committed to transforming your outdoor spaces into healthy, picturesque landscapes that you can take pride in, without lifting a finger. Choosing AwwCrap’s services means you’re choosing a team that won’t stop until your lawns are the envy of the neighborhood. So, when it comes to your lawn care needs, why settle for anything less than AwwCrap’s premium services? We’re more than just a service provider, we’re your partners in creating an outdoor space that truly reflects your style and needs. Make the switch to AwwCrap today, and experience the difference our exceptional services can make to your outdoor living spaces.

Get in Touch with AwwCrap

Are you ready to transform your outdoor space into a spectacular, stress-free oasis? Don’t hesitate! Reach out to the AwwCrap team today. Our experienced professionals, based in Parker, Colorado, are eager to assist you in achieving a stunning and healthy lawn all year round. We encourage you to discover our wide array of services and see how we can enhance the joy of your outdoor living. Whether it’s our top-notch lawn mowing, efficient snow removal, unique pooper scooper service, or beneficial lawn aeration, we’re here to remove the burden from your shoulders. After all, the essence of having a lawn is not just in its maintenance, but in its enjoyment. So, why not bid farewell to the hassle and embrace a lawn care experience tailored to your unique needs? Reach out to us today for a complimentary quote and let’s embark on this journey together. Let AwwCrap take care of your lawn, so you can take care of enjoying it.

Chow Time

Are you away for a while? Work long hours and your dogs don't get fed when they need to be? If you leave the food in a place we can get too it and how much to give them, we will feed your dogs as well.

Patio Cleaning

Patio Cleaning - If you leave a hose attached to the faucet our staff will spray off your porch after they clean up the dog poop to give your entire back yard that final clean look.

Lawn Mowing

AwwCrap! now offers lawn mowing services. After so many requests from residents in Parker, we have added a service that has become very popular. When we come to service your lawn for dog poop, we now will mow your lawn as well. Prices start at $25 for lawn mowing.

Dog Pooper Scooper Service

Exactly that! We are a dog poop clean up service in Parker Colorado that has been doing business in the area for sometime. We started off as just an idea and doing cleanups for a few friends. Now we are a very popular service expanding into all of the front range.


Our system combines an inexpensive and safe disinfectant/deodorant and the benefits of high-Pressure cleaning. The Sanitizer hose-end applicator delivers a metered stream of a chlorine-based disinfectant, calcium hypochlorite, which uses the same sanitizing principles as bleach but without the harmful side effects or the difficulty in use.

Leaf Removal Service

Living in Parker we experience great seasons. Fall and Spring are our favorite time of year but also the worst for cleaning up the yard. Our leaf removal service is great all year around. Some trees just take forever to lose all the leaves. Since we are already at your home cleaning up dog poop, it makes it easy to just get the leaves all picked up as well. We will come rake your leaves and bag them for disposal.

Toy Patrol

All dogs go through it at some point. You know, where they tear apart your things and toys. Next thing you know, you take a look in the back yard and it's full of stuffed animal stuffing, and who knows what else. It's a a pain to pick up. That's why we created Toy Patrol. When we come to service you yard, we will pick up all the toys and place them in your designated bin and pick up and dispose of that trash they got out of the garbage can and the torn up toys.

Dog Walking

Dog Walking - Our dog walking service is different than all the other dog walking services. We only offer this service to our current dog poop cleanup accounts. We do this because we are visiting them once or twice a week and we have gotten to know your pup. We actually started this popular service on accident. One of our clients for dog poop service saw us playing with their dog one day and asked if we would take him for a walk. Now we walk dogs every day of the week!

Residential Snow Removal

Our residential snow removal goes hand in hand with our pooper scooper service. During those winter months we have it available for you to have us come shovel your driveway, sidewalks and even your back porch. Heck, we even come and chip away the ice and snow in those areas the sun doesn't hit!

Lawn Aeration & Over Seeding

Lawn aeration is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy and vibrant lawn. It involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. This helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn. The main reason for aerating is to alleviate soil compaction, which can prevent proper circulation of air, water, and nutrients within the soil. Regular aeration can help ensure your lawn is lush, green, and healthy, making it the envy of the neighborhood. AwwCrap! offers this service as part of our comprehensive lawn care solutions.

Lawn Mowing Service

Lawn mowing is more than just an aesthetic chore; it's a vital part of lawn care. Regular mowing helps keep your grass healthy and looking its best. It prevents pests and diseases, promotes growth, and contributes to a lush, green lawn. A professional lawn mowing service, like the one offered by AwwCrap!, takes the hassle out of this routine task. Our team uses top-notch equipment and applies expert techniques to ensure your lawn looks its best. We handle the hard work, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your beautiful outdoor space.

Junk Removal

Junk removal with a drop-off trailer is a convenient and efficient way to declutter your space. Whether you're cleaning out your garage, renovating your home, or just getting rid of old items, AwwCrap! provides a drop-off trailer right at your doorstep. You fill it up at your own pace, and we haul it away when you're done. It's a hassle-free solution that saves you from the heavy lifting and trips to the dump. With AwwCrap!, junk removal is no longer a chore, but a path to a cleaner, more organized space.

AwwCrap! Pooper Scooper Service & Lawn Mowing services all of the Parker Colorado area.

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