Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing Service Littleton Colorado

We are more than a Pooper Scooper Service! We offer lawn mowing service to all our dog poop clean up clients. Not everyone enjoys mowing lawns. In fact a lot of people hate it. It ruins your shoes, owning a lawn mower and weed trimmer is expensive, and having the space and time becomes an issue with most of our customers. 

If you are searching for a lawn service near me on Google, we are your lawn service company. we don't do commercial mowing only residential. We don't use riding lawn mowers that tear up the grass at every turn. We are very personal and love to chat so come out and say hello. 

Our lawn mowing service is pretty simple. We will mow and trim the front and back yard starting at $25 for our dog poop clients. Non AwwCrap clients start at $30. We mow once a week just after we clean up your dogs waste.

If you are a client for our pooper scooper service already, your rate for lawn mowing will be discounted. 

In the United States, homeowners spend roughly $30 billion dollars per year on their lawns. So trying to save money on lawn care is a big deal – look for a post on the most common money mistakes you’re making in your lawn later this week.

Question: If I cut my grass very short, we wont have to mow it as often right? 

Answer: If you give your lawn a short hair-cut, you're actually injuring it. Short blades of grass have a hard time producing the nutrients the grass needs to survive. They can't shade the soil properly, which leads to increased evaporation and eventually to brown patches of dead grass. cutting the grass too short also makes your lawn vulnerable to weeds.

The rule of thumb for mowing is to never cut off more than one-third pf a blade of grass. Therefore, set your mower to 3 1/2 inches when you grass is 5 inches long. You'll definitely need to mow more frequently in the growing season, but your healthy lawn will resist weeds, tolerate drought, and look fantastic.