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Does Your Dog Take Things Outside? Is Your Yard A Mess Because Of It?

Are you getting frustrated with your yard covered with dog bones, dog toys, toy animal stuffing? Have you ever come home to find your favorite pair of shoes in your backyard? Gone out to do some gardening only to discover that Fido has hidden a bone behind your petunias? You are not alone! Many pet owners experience this interesting phenomenon with their canine companions. Dogs love toys. And dogs love bones. Dogs even love things that belong to us. We understand these things. They make perfect sense to us. What seems to make less sense to us is why these items are even more fun if they are scattered throughout our backyards or even buried. For some dogs, this is just a fun game. When you have multiple dogs, it tends to be more of an act of guarding.

Either way, this is a challenge. During the summer months you have the lawn that needs mowed, the pooper scooper guy coming, 811 for locates, etc,. all coming into your yard and you have toys and dog toy debris scattered everywhere.

AwwCrap! Pooper Scooper Service is here to help. We have had a lot of customers reach out to us and ask us to clean the yards up from toy debris and then asked to heard up all the dog toys. After doing this a few times, we decided to go ahead and make it a service so you don’t have to worry about it.

Dog Toy Patrol - Yard Cleaning For Your Dog

Dog Toy patrol is simply a service where we come to gather up all your dogs toys and place them in your dog toy bin. If you don’t have one, you can take a look at the ones we offer. If your dog has chewed something up like a stuffed animal or a water bottle (we see everything ha) we will pick it all up and dispose of it for you. The average cost is $5. We have had yards that we billed out for $10 only because of the amount of toys and personal belongings that we’re outside.