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Residential Pooper Scooper Service

Lawn looking more ‘ruff’ than lush? 🐾 Let’s be real, no one enjoys a game of minesweeper with doggie doo-doo! That’s where we come in. AwwCrap! Pooper Scooper Service keeps your grass greener and your shoes cleaner. Say goodbye to the poo-woes and hello to a yard that’s just waiting for a picnic!

Are You Tired of Picking Up Your Dogs Poop Every Weekend?

With our residential pooper scooper service we make it easy for you to have a poop free yard. We know picking up dog poop is not something you enjoy doing on a regular basis, so let us take care of this dirty job for you. If you are like me, I would put off picking up after my three boxers. Having three dogs I had to pick up at least two times a week and trust me, I had way better things to do.

All of us here at AwwCrap! Pooper Scooper Service totally understand how frustrating it can be to have more and more chores added to your plate. Don’t let dog poop get in your way, we can handle that for you.

We make it easy to get started with multiple options to get your yard dog poop free.

No one enjoys dealing with messy and smelly pet waste. However, cleaning after your pet is an essential part of being a responsible and good dog parent. As dog poop consists of harmful microorganisms that can negatively affect the environment and the wildlife, not only is it good manners to pick it up, in most places it is the law.

Scooping poop is not only time consuming and unpleasant but it also requires a lot of effort. However, pet owners are required to take this responsible action for the betterment of their family, community and the environment. If you can’t spare the time to perform this messy task or simply prefer to hand the job over to someone with greater expertise, consider hiring a commercial dog waste removal service.

So if you’re tired of asking your significant offer over and over again to pick up the dog poop, then I think you need our services! If you are wanting to free up your weekend and have it a poop free weekend, give us a call or book your cleaning today!
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Below is a cost estimate for your dog poop pick up cleaning. These prices do not include how long it’s been since you had a thorough cleaning. To get an exact cost click on the button “BOOK YOUR CLEAN UP TODAY” or give us a call.
Number of Dogs One Time Clean-Up Once A Week Twice A Week Bi-Weekly
One $50 - $60 $15 $24/Week $35
Two $60 - $70 $18 $27/Week $45
Three $65 - $75 $20 $30/Week $55
Four $75 - $85 $23 $33/Week $65

AwwCrap! Pooper Scooper Service Policy

Poop Scooper Service for some might not seem like a professional type of job. Here at AwwCrap! we take it pretty serious and had to layout our policies to be upfront and transparent. Most of our clients know us personally and know that’s how we’ve always been. A lot of our customers are telling us on a regular basis that they love how transparent and up front we are.

So, below you will see our policies. We add to them as we discover situations that need to be addressed. If you have any questions please give us a call.


Cash, credit Card, Venmo, or PayPal. We do not take personal checks or money orders or accept child support card payments at this time.** All discounts and special offers are for automatic payments set up vai a Credit Card or Debit Card.
We understand when challenges arise. Sometimes credit cards are compromised, stolen, lost, etc,. Communication is key. Let us know what is going on so we can make arrangements with you. Unfortunately, if we get a credit card declined on an initial or one time clean, you have 24 hours to communicate with us. If we do not hear from you we will be bringing back the dog waste that belongs to you. Not paying someone who picks up your dog poop is just wrong and we will not tolerate it and we will make sure the dog poop is back in your yard where we found it.
If payment is more than two weeks behind your service will discontinued until account has been paid current. We understand that “Life Happens” please communicate with us so we can work out a plan if you do become behind.
Must be paid on arrival before scooping will happen.

Monthly subscriptions are paid 1 month forward, this means the day your service starts your monthly payment is due before you can be scooped. If your don’t pay we don’t scoop.


Weekly payments are our preferred payment. All on-going service accounts are billed after the service has been completed.

If you scoop day is skipped because of missed payment then a “One time Cleaning” fee will be charged at the next scoop.

We reserve the right to cancel your service at any time. We will give you at least a 7 days notice. If you choose to cancel your service then we need a 7 day notice as well. If less than 7 days you will still be charged for that weeks scoop.

If you’re scoop days lands on a holiday then your scoop will be done either the day before or the day after, this is up to our discretion and we’ll notify you of your altered scoop day.

We reserve the right to shut down scooping services two weeks out of the year. Typically this will happen 1 week in the summer and 1 week between Christmas and New Years, but is subject to change at any time. You will be notified in advance.

You have 24 hours to file a complaint. Please do so via Email: [email protected]. If we miss a pile or there is an issue please contact us right away.

We reserve the right to skip your scoop day if access to your yard is blocked, deemed unsafe by our staff, frozen or broken gate, dogs in the backyard that were not approved beforehand, or behind two weeks or more on payment.

If your lawn is overgrown or covered in leaves we CAN’T ensure a full clean-up. If we can’t see the poop we can’t pick it up.

We understand our dog’s sometimes choose the strangest places to poop. But some places our scooper pooper crew can’t go. If your dog poops under the trampoline we will NOT be able to scoop under there. Please move trampoline prior to our arrival to ensure that area can be cleaned.

Some dog’s are attracted to pooing in the rocks and mulch. One of my boxers is this way and it’s a difficult task to clean. If we have to scoop poop in the rocks or mulch we will charge an extra $5 fee per visit and we can guarantee we will get it all out. If your yard is all rocks you will be charged an extra $10!

If your gate is locked we will not hop the fence or enter the home. Please unlock it, leave combination, or key on scoop day. We will re-lock it on our way out.

The #1 rule is to NEVER leave a gate open when we leave. We have dogs and we have had poop scoopers leave our gate open before and had a few close calls. This is something we take very serious and check your gate twice before leaving.

If we come across a broken gate we will secure it with zip ties if possible and notify you. We will only do this once. If we come back the next scheduled scoop and the gate hasn’t been fixed we will not secure the gate. Our staff will not hop your gate. If we can’t get into the yard we can’t scoop the poop.

We at AwwCrap! Pooper Scoopers Service are dog lovers down to the core, but we will not enter a yard if the dogs are outside unattended from the owner. This is for the safety of our staff. We will only enter if we have met and played with your dogs prior.

If you have neighbors that watch’s your home. Please inform them that you will be serviced by AwwCrap! Pooper Scooper Service on said day. We as a company have much respect for the Police, but do not enjoy them being called on us. We’re just here to take your backyard tootsie rolls away AKA ( Dog Poop)!

If you are taking advantage of our special offers and discounts, they are only applied to on-going service accounts that are billed directly yo a credit card or debit card on file.

AwwCrap! Pooper Scooper Service Weather Policy

We normally will scoop poop rain or shine. But if we are having a complete down pour we will not scoop.

The weather here in Colorado changes every 5 minutes. If at the time we show up to your house to scoop poop and Lightning is to a point it puts our staff at risk, we will cancel and come back either that day or the following day.

Not to often are we flooding in Colorado but it has happened. Of course if your yard is flooding, we can’t scoop. We will cancel your service for that day and come back or call to see if the situation has changed.

For AwwCrap! Pooper Scooper Service to cancel a job due to high wind, it better be close to a tornado going on. Here in Colorado we can handle some weather. We don’t cancel due to wind very often.

Here in Colorado we get snow and usually it melts away pretty fast. But in any case we are getting so much snow that it’s accumulating, we will not be able to scoop that day. We will skip your service for a day or two and then come clean and get back on track to your normal day.

If you request to skip a week or two or more, You will be charges a one time clean up fee when we return to clean. We cant charge the weekly rate

Here at AwwCrap! Pooper Scooper Service we love the heat. We will never cancel service due to the heat unless the president of the United States declares a national emergency and makes us not go outside. So, if it’s hot out, we are scooping your poop!

This pretty much goes with the HEAVY SNOW and HEAT ADVISORY. If it’s unbearably cold out and we will freeze to death, we’re not scoopin any poop. In Colorado this hardly happens.

AwwCrap! Pooper Scooper Service Winter Policy

During the winter months it’s harder to see smaller poop in the snow. Don’t be worried though, as soon as it’s visible it will be scooped!

Our scooping services shall be completed on your scheduled day as long as there isn’t freezing rain, temperature below 0, or excessive snow on the ground. If a “Snow Day” is called you will be notified by one of our staff members.

If gate is frozen shut your scoop day will be skipped and you’ll be serviced on your next scheduled scoop.

If your gate is blocked by snow and we’re not able to open it your scoop day will be skipped. If you shovel your driveway, please remember we have to access the yard and please make a clear path to the gate. If you need a snow removal done for you, we are happy to help.