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Dog Poop Yard Cleaning Service – Still Waiting For A Return Phone Call?

For many of us, it takes a bit for us to pick up the phone and call a local pooper scooper service to come clean up our lawn. If you have been following us you know my thoughts on what I’m about to say. So many people put such hate on others who hire a dog poop yard cleaning service. They say we shouldn’t own dogs then. With that comment I always ask if they have children. If they answer yes I ask if they have ever hired a nanny or baby sitter. 9 times out of 10, the answer is yes. So, they hired someone to clean up a kids dirty diaper.  Hiring a dog poop yard cleaning service is no different. Our dogs are our kids! 

So for those of you who finally said, I’m calling a service company to come clean up this dog poop and yet you are still waiting for a call back. I know, it’s frustrating and annoying. We had a lady call us just yesterday, left a message and 5 minutes later we called her back. She was shocked she got a call and even more shocked it was so quick. Another local pooper scooper service never called her back and she had been waiting for two weeks! 

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