How Long Has It Really Been… Since You Picked Up Your Dog Poop?

13 Feb, 2021

How Long Has It Really Been… Since You Picked Up Your Dog Poop?

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This seems like a really silly question doesn't it? For some it's probably a really strange question, but for Pooper Scooper businesses it's a very important question. Before I go into this question, I want to be real with you and just talk. Can we do that? 

Dog poop. It is what it is. All dogs do it. No matter the weather conditions, your dog is still going to need to go number 2. Talking about poop in general is awkward, I get it. We just need to be on the same page. It's a gross situation that we can not ignore. We love dogs and we have to scoop the poop no matter what. Pooper scoopers are so much more common now and if you are that person who feels ashamed or embarrassed for calling or hiring a dog poop removal service, just get over it! You are not the only one who loves this service. 

What Does A Pooper Scooper Service Need To Know?

When you first decide to call a pooper scooper service, it's probably because you took a look at the backyard and said "aww crap! we need to pick up dog poop". You might of even took the step forward and started to pick up and realized that it's going to take longer than you thought. Some of you just take one look and are like " HELL NO, I'm having someone else do it". Either way, this doesn't make you a bad person. Of course we have the haters who say if we can't pick up our own dogs crap, we shouldn't have a dog. I agree with that to an extent. Ya if you are walking your dog and they poop and you never pick it up EVER! Damn right you shouldn't have a dog. That's just rude and lazy. 

So what do we need to know when you call for service?

  1.  We need to know how many dogs you have. The size of the dog doesn't really matter. Just how many dogs?
  2.  How big is your yard? Bigger or smaller than a tennis court? The size of the yard matters, because if you have 1/2 an acre, your pricing is going to be different. 
  3. Any rocks or mulch?
  4.  Does the dog poop in the rocks and mulch? 
  5. What direction does the back yard face? 
  6. How long has it been since you have done a thorough cleaning?  

These questions are pretty much the most important ones we need to know the answers to. The more honest you are the better 🙂 

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How many Dogs Do You Have? When people tell us they have one dog and when we go to clean up and notice two different sizes of poop, it's pretty clear you have more than one dog. Yes I get it if you are watching a friends dog for a day or whatever. We come to your place on a regular basis. we will know if you have more than one dog. Come on, we're not stupid. 

How Big Is Your yard? Yard size plays a big role. It's one of the timing factors we use to plan our routes. If you have a yard that is bigger than the average yard, it's going to take us longer to walk the grounds. So with that, we can't service as many yards. Most people know if your yard is bigger than average. If you live on the corner, your yard is most likely bigger than average. 

Do You Have Any Rocks or Mulch? This is one of the easy questions. Really simple just let us know that you have it. 

Does Your Dog Poop In The Rocks Or Mulch? This is pretty important to know. Mulch isn't as bad as rocks. It's hard to see sometimes but in the rocks it's a different story. Picking up dog poop in rocks is difficult. We have to use our hands and not a rake. A lot of times the poop is so old it just crumbles into dust. Not much we can do about that, sorry 🙁 So if you dog goes in the rocks, be prepared to pay extra for it. Keep in mind that it takes longer and is harder to do. 

What Direction Does your yard Face? This is pretty important in the winter months in Colorado. If your yard never gets hit with sun, it's a shovel type of cleaning and that will take more time as well. This helps us know a time frame of how long it will take to clean up. When we have to use a shovel and break away ice or snow, it usually takes double the time. 

How Long Has It Been Since You Have Done A Thorough Cleaning? By far the most important question and we need the honest truth here folks. I don't care how embarrassed you are. Lying about it will only embarrass you more because again, we are not stupid. We work with poop every day. We know. Knowing how long it's been helps us determine a few things,

  • How long it will take to clean the yard
  • How much to charge for the poop clean up

Let's face it, you know pretty well how long its been since you were in your back yard cleaning up your dogs poop. You might not know the exact amount of time but you know if it's been a year or a month. When we see on the quote you put it's been 1 month for a cleaning we know how much poop will fill a bucket based on the kind of dog or dogs you have. 

 Yes we know for some, you haven't been in the back yard for at least a year but then when you see the quote you think to yourself that's way to much money. So you change the time frame from 1 year to 1 month. This does a few things. We will not scoop the poop. We will be honest with you and tell you that you have a large amount of poop and that it's been well over a month since someone has cleaned. We do get those who say it really only has been a month and if that is the gods honest truth, you need to take you dog to the vet. Something is not right. Plus the quote is based on the amount of poop collected and the time it takes. You can't work the system! Just own the fact that the yard hasn't been cleaned in a while and suck up the amount it will cost. Or go pick up a lot of it and hire someone to do the rest. 

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Cleaning Up Dog Poop Is Not Fun

It's very clear for many of us, cleaning up dog poop sucks. It's not fun and we don't enjoy doing it and we don't brag about cleaning it up to our friends while having drinks. With that in mind, please understand that dealing with dog waste is not fun. It's a dirty job and we will take care of it for you. We won't do it for free and we will tell you if it's going to cost more. We strive for the best customer experience and take it very serious. So if you are unclear on how long it's been since you've cleaned, when you create your account, please input that in the notes so we can give you a better estimate. 

If you are worried about the cost, our referral program is the best in the pooper scooper industry. No other pooper scooper will give you your service for free forever like we will. Just by referring one friend you can get 25% of your clean up every week! Not just once. as long as both accounts are in good standing you will keep receiving the discount. 

Kody - CEO

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