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New Giant Mattress Is 12 Feet Across, Perfect for All the Pets

Images via The Ace Collection/ Facebook
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WATCH NOW: 12-Foot Bed Can Fit All the Pets

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I sleep with my pets.

Let’s just get that clear right off the bat, since I know some pet owners are really against sleeping with their animals. Many think it’s unsanitary and often don’t get a rested sleep when pets are allowed on the bed. Granted, I barely move from my sliver on the edge of the mattress so as to not kick off the cat at my feet, or disrupt the 80-pound dog sprawled behind my knees, but I like having them there, keeping me warm. Plus, new studies suggest sleeping with pets actually makes for a better night’s sleep.

We have a California king-size bed, which is six feet wide. Once we upgraded to that bed from a queen we felt like we had a lot more room to sleep comfortably. Until now.

The Ace Collection is a bed company that has manufactured a giant mattress and bed frame that spans 12 feet across. The Ace family size mattress was made when a client wanted a bed big enough for her children to cuddle in while reading a bedtime story. But all I see is more space for pets…

The Ace mattress comes in three giant sizes: the Ace Size, Ace Player Size, and the Ace Family Size with prices ranging from $2,250-$4, 054 depending on size and firmness. They also sell hypoallergenic 200-250 thread count bedding, from flat sheets to pillow cases to duvets, in order to fit their extra-wide beds.

While the bed is getting attention because of the family co-sleeping debate (“There’s no way to keep the sleep environment safe in an adult bed,” says Dr. Eve Colson via WebMD), this could be the perfect solution to the pet owner who has multiple fur babies but needs more sleeping space.

Lots of pet owners are like me and love sleeping with their furry friends. Here are some people on Instagram who might rejoice in having a giant bed.

Tired Trippers A cat tastes the night next to a sleepy dog As it never mind scratches claws Deep into the black sofa. A woman breathes in throttled tones Dividing the quiet Into muffled interruptions. And I, the wandering beggar, Seeking a space for slumber In the creases of old blankets, Curls up beside a canine. What strange and remote possibilities Chance gives the high roller. Between imaginary sheep Waiting to replay Visions on subconscious reels Or crazy cosmic creations. 4 a.m. makes no promises Dreams are the luxury Sleepers enjoy in surplus. Tired trippers bed down alone. Copyright © 2017 Charles Edward York No part of this poem may be used or reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any way or form or by any means electronic, mechanical, recording, or otherwise without the written permission of the author.* #poem #poetry #poet #sleep #sleeper #sleepingwithpets #dteam #dreams

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Time to upgrade once again!

This post was originally published on February 13, 2019.

Do you let the animals on the bed? What do you think of this 12-foot wide bed? Tell us in the comments below!

Images via The Ace Collection/ Facebook

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