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Tis the Season for Leaf Removal

A large pile of colorful autumn leaves gathered on a sunny day.


Last year, 78% of Americans took lawn and yard care. but most people overlook the importance of leaf removal. A messy yard full of leaves and debris is unsuitable for your gardening tasks.

It puts your health at risk as you might accidentally fall over a branch, and it can cause a lot of trouble for dog poop cleaning if you have a pet. A healthy yard is one free of leaves and tidy.

So, this article will explain why leaf removal is essential for the health of your garden and the benefits of leaf mulching.

Why You Need to Prioritize Leaf Removal

Even though the image of hundreds of bronze and red colored leaves in your yard might make a beautiful postcard, it’s not as lovely in real life. That’s why leaf removal is a top priority for fall yard work.

Deprives Garden of Oxygen

The grass in a yard is a crucial oxygen source for the plants and trees in your garden, so if it’s constantly covered in leaves, it will prevent your plants from growing.

If you don’t give your plants enough oxygen during fall, they might not bloom and harvest next season. So, it’s time to clean up the leaves.

Piles Can Lead to Pests

One of the best places for pests and insects like spiders to hide is in a massive pile of leaves. If you don’t remove the clutter of leaves, it can lead to issues with your plants.

You don’t want to have trouble with pest infestations because you didn’t remove the fall leaves.

It doesn’t take long and protects the rest of your garden from illnesses and infection.

Leaves Build up Moisture

Another reason to remove leaves is that they create the perfect breeding ground for fungus and bacteria as moisture becomes trapped amongst them.

Besides pests, fungal diseases are dangerous for plants and crops, so you don’t want your garden ruined by a few leftover leaves.

Removing the leaves gives the grass breathing space and reduces the risk of fungal diseases.

Creates Difficulties for Dog Poop Cleaning

When you have a little dog friend at home, playing with them in the garden can be amazing, but it can also be frustrating to dig up dirt and poop from a pile of fallen leaves – it’s not pleasant, and it can be avoided.

But that doesn’t mean you need to throw away all the leaves… You can make mulch instead!

Instead of putting them in a garbage bag, you can use them as organic mulch for your yard landscape. You can place them in natural spaces like trees or plants.

Just remember to shred them with a lawn mower first.

A Clean Yard Makes a Happy Dog

Leaf removal is one of those annoying tasks that need to be done if you own a dog and want to look after your yard.

However, if you need assistance removing dog poop from the garden space, let us know, and we can help.

We offer dog poop cleaning services, dog sitting, and leaf removal. So, you don’t need to handle all the cleaning alone.

Get in touch here to find out more about our cleaning services.

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