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Why Is It So Important To Pick Up Dog Poop In Our Yards?

Our pet dogs can do no wrong and are perfectly cute and sweet within our rose-tinted gaze. That is until we have to deal with their poop. Your dog will poop a lot. How you handle that poop can make a big difference to the environmental health of your yard and potential risk factors for your family. Professional dog poop removal could be the answerWhy can’t we just leave our pets to go as they please outside?There is obvious appeal in the idea of just leaving our pets to go go to the bathroom where they choose outside. We assume they cana) be trusted to do their business away from the homeb) give back to nature as their organic waste returns to the earthc) do all of this without us needing to lift a finger.

It sounds ideal. Open the door to let out your perfectly toilet-trained pooch, let them go in peace, then call them back in without going anywhere near the smell or mess. However, we are creating a bigger problem if we do this and potentially putting others at risk.If we don’t pick up the poop, it could end up elsewhere and cause a lot of trouble.Unfortunately, there are flaws to these ideas and while we may honestly believe that this is the best course of action for all concerned, we could be causing more harm. The poop doesn’t magically disappear into the wider world when we let your dog back in, as much as we might want to wish it away to avoid going near it. Instead, we are running the following risks.a) The “business” left behind in the yard is now an outdoor hazard for anyone else that ventures out there.b) There is also the risk of the poop getting tracked into the home and becoming a bigger health risk.c) The poop doesn’t magically turn into fertilizer and will remain a breeding zone for toxins and bacteria.d) Those toxins and bacteria can infect water supplies and pose a bigger environmental health threat for the neighborhood.

Think about the activities that go on in our backyards. At some point, we will need to go out and mow the lawn, even if we don’t do much else in terms of gardening. It sounds pretty gross to think of mowers churning up the grass and spreading dog poop around at the same time. But, this happens a lot. Regular efforts to pick up the dog poop stop this from happening.Also, what if we have kids that want to run around in the yard and play games. Or, what if guests come over and inspect our gardens. How easy would it be for them to step in forgotten poop and bring that into the home? Of what if our children fell over at just the wrong spot when playing out there? Even the dogs themselves will walk through their mess and bring it inside on their paws – all without a care in the world.The dangers of dog poop in our carpets.As soon as the poop is in our homes, we have a different problem to contend with. The smell is bad enough, but there will also be bacteria and zoonotic diseases in those tracks. This could cause serious ill-health if inhaled or ingested. You would scrub your carpet ASAP if you found dog poop indoors. So, why not be as vigilant with cleaning dog poop outdoors?Regular dog poop cleaning is safer and more hygienic for the whole family.There are two options here. We can eithera) take the time to carry out this chore ourselves regularly with a pooper scooper and some gloves orb) call in some professional help.

It is understandable to choose to bring in a professional dog pooper scooper service. The job isn’t fun and it is too easy to put it off or fail to make time for it. Some dog owners may also start to cut corners by flicking the poop into bushes or washing it into the drain. Remember that this is a bad idea. You aren’t removing the toxin if they are merely one foot away from where they started. Also, washing poop into the drain can lead to water contamination.Hire a professional dog poop removal service instead.Get hired help for the same consistent effort and great results each week. You can be sure that they will handle every bit of mess like a pro without complaint, leaving your yard clean and safe again. All you need to do is point out what you need from them, watch from the comfort of the house, and, of course, pay them a fair price for a disgusting job well done.

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